Text Box: Specifications and Prices

Model PT-3000 Automatic Potential Transformer Test System, with Programmable  high voltage generator,  Steel Cabinet and PT Test Chamber with motorized  loading  platform.  Pentium Computer Precision Measurement Module,  Programmable Burdens,  internal Reference Standards,  Precision Comparator, complete software for  programming,  testing,  data logging,  and calibration.  Technical Manual  with schematics.  One Year Warranty.   
Model PT-3000 in desk cabinet with casters           ..……    $ ****
600v class PT ratios:  120, 208, 240, 288, 300, 480, 600:120
Mid range PT Ratios:  1200,  2400, 4200, 4800, 7200, 12000. 14400:120     
Standard PT Burdens:  W, X, Y, Z, ZZ, M
Applied PT Test Voltage:  120 -14,400 vac,  60Hz. 
Test Levels :  90 – 110 % of rated voltage.
Ratio Error Range:  0.9500 to 10500.    Phase Angle Range: 200 minutes 
Basic Accuracy (at 100% rated voltage):  RCF 0.0002;   Phase 2’
Accuracy classes:  ANSI: 0.3, 0.6, 1.2.    IEC: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 3, 5
Applied test power:  3000 VA max.   50/60 Hz.
AC Line  Power 220 vac, 30 amps.   60 Hz

HV Ratios:   20125, 27600, 34500:115 @ 60 Hz.
HV Ratios:  11000, 22000, 330000 :110 @ 50 Hz
Save Test Data To Disk Software,  use with Excel/Access  
PT powered platform slide with motor controls     

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Text Box:  Model PT-3000 is a fully automatic test system signed for indoor and outdoor Potential Transformers.  For use by unskilled personnel, the system is  virtually foolproof. The operator simply enters the PT type number, connects the PT as prompted by the computer, and presses the START key. A  full  screen display with Ratio and Phase measurements, all  test conditions,  and  Pass/Fail decisions  is generated in seconds.  The computer then prints a certificate.  The PT under test is  enclosed in an interlocked steel cabinet chamber for the best operator safety.  An optional motor driven platform  makes loading heavy PT’s easy. 

Special Features

Setup and testing takes only a few seconds.      There   are no switches or dials for the operator to set. Model PT-3000 is protected against misconnection or shorts, and will  tolerate polarity errors. Model PT-1 may be used by unskilled personnel,  as all operations and decisions are performed by the computer.

Test programs are very easy to prepare or edit.   Over 10,000 test programs may be stored on   hard disk.  Test setups  are fast and  simple, even for rarely  tested PT’s.  Test program data is password protected so only supervisors have access.  Provision is included for off line test program preparation and data backup.

Model PT-1 is  supplied with all controls, burdens, adjusting and reference transformers, Pentium computer, printer, and test cables as required for fast and accurate measurements of PT transformer ratio and phase. 
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Text Box: Model PT-3000 Automatic Instrument Transformer Test System

Model PT-3000 Automatic PT Test System

· Easy to Use

· Precise

· High speed

· Fully Automatic

· Programmable

· Data Recording