Series CT Automatic Test System Highlights

 Traceability to international standards


 Accuracy is traceable to the National Research Council of

 Canada. A calibration certificate is on file.  A certified CT is

 supplied with the test system.   This certified  CT is used as a

 transfer standard.  The transfer standard should be tested

 periodically and the system test data compared to the transfer

 standard calibration data.  Certification software is included to

 calibrate the test system if necessary to assure compliance with

 the transfer standard data.  The certification of the transfer

 standard may be updated by the user if required.



 Data Archiving


 When the data save function is enabled,  all CT identification

 data, test result data and all test  program data are saved on disk

 at the conclusion of  each completed test sequence.  The data

 are saved in CSV format so each data line is a  record of one

 RCF and Phase test.   This data is saved in the CT Saved Data

 folder.  One file is opened for each date, and records are

 appended to the file as the day progresses.   The user can

 retrieve data externally by network or add Microsoft  Access or

 Excel  for local use.



 Remote Programming


 Test program data is saved in the CT Test Program Data folder.

  One file is opened for each CT;  the file name is the CT part

 number.  The program data is saved as ASCII text strings

 separated by CReturn‘s.  Test program data files may be added

 or edited off line with a network connection.  If this is planned,

 the user should  verify any external test programs in advance,

 as the system will  trap any illegal or ambiguous text,  display

 error messages and prevent its use until corrected.



 The ANSI Parallelogram

 (Phase Limits per ANSI C57.14)


 If ANSI accuracy classes of  0.3, 0.6 or 1.2% are

 programmed,    and if the Test Level is 100% or 10%

 then the  phase limit data fields will display  “ANSI”’.

 In this case, the High and Low Phase limits will be

 automatically  calculated  at test time according to the

 table below.   This table is specified in  ANSI C57.13.


 If the programmer replaces the  phase limit display of 

 “ANSI” with a numeric value, then the value will be used

 as the phase limit and the auto limit calculation disabled.


 Since the auto phase limits are derived from the actual 

 RCF measurement, auto  phase limit calculations will be

 done during the test cycle,  after the measurement,  but

 before the  PASS/FAIL comparison.   If the RCF

 measurement is over either RCF limit,  the phase limits

 will be automatically set to the phase values in the table

 corresponding to the maximum RCF limit.